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Welcome kit

for condo owners


Wahhoooo! There you have it!

You are a newly proud owner of an amazing condo at Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant, the chic family chalet, the perfect space for wellbeing, relaxation, and discovery. And it’s great! The condo structure has its perks: you don’t have to take care of the tedious tasks of opening and closing the chalet come spring and winter! The condo rather ensures a home base where it’s possible to experience spring’s renewed energy, summer’s warm and magical nights, fall’s comforting colours and winter’s fairy-tale scenery. Every day, the campfire’s warm welcome awaits you on the beach or by the rink, in the central lobby or in the comfort of your own condo unit, your second home. We’re delighted to welcome you as new owners.

On May 31, 2023, Activar Hôtels and Messier, Savard and Associés (MSA) partnered to acquire Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant. The hotel and its common spaces are managed by Activar Hôtels’ operational team. The building, its evolution and the land it sits on, are managed in partnership by Activar Hôtels and MSA.

This guide is meant to inform you on essential questions you might have on your condo, its management, and your experience as an owner. The agreement between the condominium syndicate and Activar Hôtels and MSA sets the frame for the relationship and the actions taken by all parties. You can find a copy of this agreement online, at the end of this page. We hope our guide will prove to be handy and be a happy welcome.

Welcome home!

The team at Activar Hôtels and Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant

Key contacts

The daily management of your unit or the rental pool management agreement

Jean-Nicolas Zaurrini
General Manager

Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant
Office: 819-425-8599 ext. 858
Mobile: 819-429-1939

Monthly reports on revenues generated by your unit:

Andrée Albert
Assistant to the Finance Department and Administration

Activar Hôtels


Patrick Carmichael
Director of accommodations

Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant
819-425-8599 ext. 650

Activities related to the condominium syndicate:

Pierre Lajeunesse and
Caroline Plamondon
Gestion de Copropriétés
Mont-Tremblant Inc.



Twice a year, you will receive an advance booking notification that will allow you to confirm the dates during which you want to occupy your unit for both the summer and winter periods. You have the right to use your unit for 36 days per calendar year; 18 during the summer period and 18 during the winter period.

The summer period (May 1st to October 31st)

  • Notice to be sent, at the latest, on January 1st.
  • You must confirm that dates you want to book, at the latest, by February 1st.

The winter season (November 1st to April 30th)

  • Notice to be sent, at the latest, on May 1st.
  • You must confirm that dates you want to book, at the latest, by June 1st.

Certain restrictions apply and are mentioned in the notice. Other rules also apply. Please see the condominium syndicate collective agreement for further details.

Spontaneous bookings

If you must make a spontaneous booking, you can contact the director of accommodations (see Key contacts section). If the hotel is more than 80% occupied, spontaneous bookings will not be accepted.


If you have a need to cancel a booking, this can be done with any member of the front desk team. In the case of a cancellation, less than 48 hours before the guaranteed arrival time (4 p.m. on the booked day), the unit will not be returned to the management pool for rental and therefore, there will be no revenues generated for the originally booked date(s). If the cancellation is made more than 48 hours before the guaranteed arrival time, the booking can be cancelled without any penalty.

Restaurants and common spaces

Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant offers three choices of restaurants. As a condominium owner, you benefit from a 15% discount on all of your purchases at any of these three restaurants.

Chez Borivage restaurant

For dinner (usually Tuesday to Saturday, from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m.*)

Our meals are concocted with fine aromas, stunning presentations, exquisite flavours and they are served in a relaxing ambiance. We honour Quebec’s culinary diversity, and our wine list offers you an array of choices to enhance your dish.

*The restaurant may be closed due to hotel occupancy or private functions.

For breakfast (served daily from at 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.)

Breakfast can be served buffet-style or à la carte, depending on hotel occupancy. The breakfast buffet offers a variety of choices: cold platters, hot platters, sweet or salty selections, topped off with an omelette station at which a chef will cook you a custom-made omelette.

The Whisky Bar

(usually opens every day at 4 p.m.)

Located near our prestigious stone fireplace, our Whisky Bar is the ideal setting to have an excellent meal from our varied bistro menu and to enjoy a Scotch or one of our signature cocktails (with or without alcohol) in a comfortable ambiance.

Yolo beach bar

(Open over the summer season only: from the Victoria Day weekend to the Thanksgiving weekend, from noon to 4 p.m.)

Hit the patio on Lac Ouimet for beverages and beach-style snacks under the sun.

Banquet services for events

Le Grand Lodge’s team has concocted a diversified menu for events hosted at the hotel. Many formats are available: an array of appetizers, multicourse meals, a service bar set-up and special requests. As a condominium owner, you have the benefit of renting event rooms at no cost for your group events or you can pass on the benefit to any group you refer to the hotel. Please direct any event requests to general management and they will forward the information to the proper person.

Owner benefits

As a condominium owner at Le Grand Lodge, you have access to certain benefits on-site:

  • 15% discount on all your purchases at any of the three on-site restaurants
  • Access to the on-site programming and common spaces at no additional cost during the 36 days you are permitted to occupy your unit (you do not have to pay the common stay fees). You will have to pay the common stay fees for any additional stays you may book, over your 36 days / year allocation agreed upon in the sales contract.
  • Event room bookings at no cost for events you are hosting at Le Grand Lodge or for events (groups) that you have referred to the hotel.
  • A free drink per person per stay
  • A single cleaning fee charged upon your departure, for every one of your stays
  • The municipality of Mont-Tremblant offers benefits to condo owners: verify what these might be!


If you have to leave your animal(s) on their own in your room, you must, every time, advise the Front desk and inform them of a way by which to contact you in case of a problem.

  • It is not permitted to leave your animal(s) on their own on the balcony.
  • All disturbing noises (including barking) are not tolerated, at any time.

Financial procedures

Banking information

Please send the following information to Andrée Albert at Activar Hôtels:

  • Full name or full name(s) of the owners (if the owner of the condominium is a business, please include the full name of the key contact person)
  • Mailing address
  • Direct phone number
  • The email address or email addresses to which we should send informative communications and financial reports
  • Banking information needed for us to pay you your monthly generated profit (or void cheque). Payments will only be made electronically.

If there is a change in any of your information, please advise Andrée by email as soon as possible.

Monthly payment of revenues generated

  • Activar Hôtels, the management company, provides you with a monthly report detailing the profits your unit has generated, by the 25th day of the month. You will receive it from Andrée Albert.
  • The electronic payment will be deposited to your account before the last working day of the month.

Monthly transactions report – rental pool management

Activar Hôtels, the management company, prepares a monthly report for the condominium syndicate which presents revenues and expenses. This report is published on Extranet. If you want to consult this report, you must validate your Extranet access with a condominium syndicate representative. Please see the Key contacts section for the person with whom you should connect.

Fiscal reports needed for annual tax reporting – annual summary

Fiscal reports will be sent to you upon the deadline by which official documents needed for the preparation of tax reports must be sent, that is by the last working day of the month of February.