Grand Lodge

Policies and regulations

See our hotel’s policies and regulations.

Policies and regulations

Terms and conditions

Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant will be pleased to confirm your reservation for your dream vacation with us. All reservations are subject to the following:

  • The person making the reservation must be over 18 years old and be present during the whole stay.
  • All our facility is none smoking, including all balconies and terraces.
  • No BBQ’s are authorized anywhere on the hotel property.
  • Consumption of your own alcohol or food is limited to the rented unit.
  • All large sport equipment (Skis, bicycles, paddle boards etc.) have to be stored in the storing room at your disposition near the front desk.
  • For everyone’s comfort we ask that noise be kept at its minimum between 11h00pm and 8h00am.
  • A security agent is present on site from 11h00pm to 7h00am.



Whenever possible, special request are taken into consideration but in no case can we guarantee them.


A deposit equivalent to the rate of the first night is required at time of reservation. The deposit shall be taken on the client’s credit card. This deposit is required at all times.

For the Holiday period, the full amount of the reservation shall be taken on the client’s credit card on December 1st and shall not bee refundable or transferable after that date.


A reservation can be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled arrival date without fee, except for the Holiday period. No deposit shall be refunded for any cancellation made within 48 hours of the scheduled arrival date. For the Holiday period (December 24 – January 1) any cancellation must be made on or prior to October 31st.

Exceptions :

*Pre-paid promotional rates that are stipulating otherwise.

*All reservations that are made within a group rate, in those cases refer to the contract for cancellation conditions.

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in is 04h00 pm the day of arrival and check-out is 11h00 am the day of departure.

Late departure must be authorized by the Reception Desk. Late departure fee is $50 an hour.

Security Deposit

Upon check-in, a 250$ security deposit is required per unit, it can be pre-authorized on a credit card, or given by cash or debit. In case of a cash or debit deposit, at check out, we will have to inspect your unit before it can actually be refunded.

Note that, on a canadian credit card, the pre-authorization could stay up to 10 business days after your departure.


It is strictly forbidden to smoke, including vaping anywhere in the building including the balconies and terraces, all smoking including vaping must be at least 9 meters from any door, window, terraces, beach or playing grounds.

A non-negotiable fine starting at 250$ will be given to anyone who does not follow these rules.

Maximum Occupancy

The amount of people must be confirmed at reservation since the rate varies in regards to the number of adults present during the stay. There is an extra charge of $25.00 per night for any additional adult (18 years old and up).

In all cases the number of persons (including children) in the room cannot exceed the predetermined maximum  for each unit.

Pet Policy

Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant accepts pets. In order to ensure our clients comfort, here are a few guidelines to follow.

  • Only dogs and cats are accepted in some of our accommodations (room with fireplace, lakelevel suite and large 2 bedroom suite).
  • Only one pet per room is allowed.
  • If you have to leave your pet alone in the room, you have to tell the front desk And specify a way to reach you EVERY TIME !
  • No disruptive noise (including barking) will be tolerated at any hour of the day.
  • No matter where, including on your lodging terrace, you must pick-up your pet’s waste IMMEDIATELY. A fee of $50.00 plus taxes will be charged to you every time someone has to pick-up after your pet.
  • Pets are not authorised anywhere inside the hotel except in your room.
  • No pets are allowed (in your arms, on a leach, in a cage) in the common areas; lobby, bar, dining room, pool, beach, elevators, corridors, meeting rooms, etc.
  • Outside on the property, pets have to be on a leash at all time and they are not authorized on the beach (they are not allowed crossing the two bridges).
  • To enter and exit the building with a pet, other than your patio door, you have to use the closest door to your lodging, being the door on the beach side for the lake level units or the 500’s door at the back of the hotel for a room that starts with a 5.
  • To walk your pet, we suggest the Chemin St-Bernard, located between the hotel and the lake or the pine forest.
  • A non-refundable fee of $25.00 daily will be charged to your account for cleaning purposes of your room, and is not based on the fur (hypoallergenic or not) or your animal.

* Please note that, in the event that, at check-in or during your stay, we realize that any of the guidelines mentioned above are not respected, Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant reserves the right to ask you to bring your pet to the closest kennel or we will ask you to leave the hotel.